Enter the future of data-driven movement analysis with ORYX GO

A mobile laboratory in a suitcase for physiotherapists and trainers for quick and reliable assessment of quality of movement. It supports you to understand movement better and shows where improvement can be gained for better performances.

"You only start to see it when you get it" - (J. Cruyff)

How does it work

Enter the future of data-driven movement analysis with ORYX GO

Convert data into information for instant use

Record movement with sensors and upload your data to the online ORYX analysis portal for conversion into valuable information, providing the analysis, figures and metrics you need.
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Find out where problems in walking occur to support tailored treatment plans.
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ORYX GO makes registering movement a ridiculously easy job. Our plug & use operating board and strapping system enables you to start recording human movement in less than 5 minutes


Don’t waste your time studying lots of hard to understand data. Simply upload your data to our online portal where our algorithms analyze your data and add valuable meaning to it.


Our AI-powered translation of complex biomechanical data into easy to understand reports, enables you to immediately/instantly use/apply it in practice. Step up your game with ORYX!

ORYX provides you
understandable insights

  • Plug and use
  • Objective
  • Automated analysis

We are sport and tech professionals on a mission

ORYX´ origin lies within the support of trainers and athletes in the field with sensorbased movement analysis. Over the last years we have helped over a thousand athletes and their trainers to optimize their quality of movement by converting objective data into meaningful information. Based on all rehab trajectories and enhancing people´s (sports) performance we have developed a unique method for movement analysis. Our products are created by people with their roots in daily practice.

Complete package

Oryx GO

For high performance trainers

Measuring, collecting data and assessing quality of movement was never this easy. The ORYX GO! continues where others stop; our artificial intelligence directly converts complex biomechanical data giving you access easy to understand reports for use in a routine fashion.

  • Motion capturing and cloud storage
  • AI-powered movement analysis
  • Automated report generator

Includes: a transport case with 8 motion trackers, gateway, ORYX GO! app, charger and cables, tablet and a tailored IMU mounting system.

Want to learn more about our solution?

At the moment we’re offering our solutions to a few selected clients. We focus on high performance trainers. If you feel like you fit this profile, please feel free to reach out to us. We’ll be in touch to discuss possibilities shortly after.

Marjolein van Koningsveld

van Koningsveld

Co-founder ORYX Movement Solutions marjolein@oryxmovementsolutions.nl +31 (0)6 53 749 955