Data do not improve performance

The right interpretation and practical application of it does.

Gait assessment products by ORYX Movement Solutions provide the data you need to make informed decisions for better outcomes in rehab of your clients and to boost athletes' sports performances.

Why ORYX Movement Solutions?

How we move determines how well we perform, whether it is in sports, during rehabilitation or in daily life.In order to optimize the setup of a rehab program or improvement of running biomechanics, it is crucial to first track down the cause(s) of physical issues or constraints.

Our data doesn’t provide information on the outcome of movement (how fast or how far). However, it does tell you where the room of improvement can be found, enabling informed decision making easier for optimal progress for every training purpose (to get faster or further).

Assess movement quality objectively by measuring and automated analysis of coordinative skill for:

  • Enhancement of movement performance for better results
  • Identification of causes of physical issues or plateauing
  • Monitoring progression – regression of rehab outcomes / athletic performance 
  • Early detection of overload
  • Modification and shift of short- and long-term accents in training (programs)

Gait analysis near me

An optimized individual training approach is a necessity to maximize sports performance or rehab after injury. This requires a thorough understanding of movement and how this emerges from the underlying mechanism.

Schedule a gait assessment analysis in your area today to gain personalized insights to unlock your full potential.

Client Testimonials


“We use ORYX data to optimize training programs for sports performance and interventions in rehab. It enables us to target specific areas of movement demanding improvement.”


“We knew so many things about my body after hundreds of different tests. However, ORYX’ movement analysis made the pieces of the puzzle fit together, resulting in more understanding, a better context and more effective training. This was exactly what me and my team have been looking for“

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