Our mission: Bring movement analysis from science to daily practice.

Not being able to pursue what you love doing most, due to severe injuries. This is what happened to two very passionate people. Both were being told by medical professionals to learn to live with their physical problems. It was the power of movement analysis and their perseverance which helped them to get back into healthy conditions. After discovering how movement analysis can reveal secrets the body keeps hidden, ORYX picked up the challenge to reinvent the use of movement analysis and bring it to daily practice.

Since 2015 we support trainers and athletes of all ages and at all levels with analysis of movement quality based on sensor data. Our approach has also proven to be extremely effective in solving (chronic) injuries. 

Therefore, physiotherapists and trainers often consult ORYX for screening, monitoring and advisory of their clients. From this background we have developed a unique method based on sensor-data to improve the quality of movement quickly, effectively, and sustainably.

By the demand of our customers, we have converted this method into an easy-to-use technology using wearable sensors that can be used in practice by trainers and therapists themselves.

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