ORYX academy

Our mission is to ensure that anyone can fully unleash the potential of our products. To make that happen, we’re excited to introduce our comprehensive knowledge base, available in the form of an upcoming course. This will cover a range of essential topics, including:

The Analysis of Biomechanical Data

Dive into the magic of interpreting biomechanical data to gain valuable insights into movement patterns.

Biomechanics of Gait

Explore the underlying mechanisms of human locomotion and understand how it impacts various aspects of human performance.

Constraints-Led Approach

Explore innovative approaches to movement analysis that can transform how you perceive and improve human performance.

Walking Gait Analysis in Physiotherapy

Learn how application of kinematic movement data can revolutionize gait analysis in physiotherapy, enhancing patient care and outcomes

Running Gait Analysis

Discover the secrets of optimizing running biomechanics for improved performance and lowering injury risk - from recreational to professional long distance runners.

Motor and Skill Development

Delve into the science of motor skills and skill development, essential for athletes and practitioners alike.

Coming soon!

We are in the final stages of launching the ORYX Academy. If you’d like to be among the first to receive updates, please share your email address, and we’ll keep you informed.