Gait analysis system

Both in rehab as in sports biomechanics, the analysis of movement is an integral part of interventions to improve movement quality. We are used to analyzing human movement with our naked eye, although research shows that this way of assessment is often very inadequate – no matter how experienced the eye of the examiner is. 

For decades motion capturing (mocap) technology has been a great promise to solve this problem. However, to this day biomechanical analysis of human movement is still not regularly analyzed based on data, as gait analysis equipment is far too expensive and the execution of assessments are very time consuming (up to several hours per assessment).

Quick and easy

ORYX introduces a totally novel and unique approach for this: a mobile gait analysis system using wearable IMU sensors for use in virtually any imaginable location. From setup to the display of test results takes less than 10 minutes, thanks to the automated data processing.

The reports show instantly usable information on motor control of gait of human locomotion related functional movements, as only one single gait assessment probably will get you more information than the combined results of many other tests (Baker 2016). 

Client Testimonials


“We use ORYX data to optimize training programs for sports performance and interventions in rehab. It enables us to target specific areas of movement demanding improvement.”


“We knew so many things about my body after hundreds of different tests. However, ORYX’ movement analysis made the pieces of the puzzle fit together, resulting in more understanding, a better context and more effective training. This was exactly what me and my team have been looking for“

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