Former top athlete joins ORYX Movement Solutions

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We are excited to announce that Maarten Hermans, a former top athlete and marketing expert, has joined ORYX Movement Solutions as a co-founder. Maarten will be using his expertise to make this approach more accessible to more people so that more people can benefit from the data-informed movement analysis solutions ORYX offers.

Maarten is a passionate advocate for the Dynamic system theory, a training approach that focuses on improving your body’s ability to move efficiently and effectively through a variety of ranges of motion. He has used this approach to improve his own performance and to recover from injuries, and he is excited to share it with more people.

ORYX provides the data you need to make informed decisions for better outcomes in rehab of your clients and to boost athletes’ sports performances. The company’s system tracks your movements in real time and provides you with feedback on your movement patterns. This feedback can help you to identify any areas where you can improve, and to make adjustments to your training accordingly.

Maarten’s expertise in marketing and sales will be a valuable asset to our team,” said Marjolein van Koningsveld, CEO of ORYX Movement Solutions. “We are committed to making our data-informed movement analysis solution accessible to everyone, and Maarten’s skills and experience will help us achieve this goal.”

If you are interested in learning more about how ORYX Movement Solutions can help you improve your movement and performance, please contact us. We look forward to helping you move better and perform your best!

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